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Legal Services


Company law

  • Court and tax registrations of sole traders, trade companies, incorporations of commercial entities – consortiums, holding structures, company registrations, partnership entities, etc;
  • Registrations of branches, commercial agencies and affiliated companies of foreign firms;
  • Required registrations with the respective Bulgarian institutions (Tax authorities, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Statistical Institute, etc.);
  • Registration of changes in the statute of the above mentioned entities;
  • Transformation and reorganization of trade companies (including acquisition of shares and stocks, merger, bundling, severance, de-merger of trade companies, etc.)

Commercial transactions and agreements

  • Bargain and Sale agreements;
  • Assignment agreements;
  • Agreement for lease;
  • Franchising contracts,
  • Commission agreement;
  • Consignment agreements;
  • Forwarding agreements;
  • Contract for carriage;
  • Authorizations;
  • Preparation of various contractual trade agency figures (authorization of procurators, commercial attorneys and assistants, commercial representatives and middlemen)
  • Other kinds of agreements

Financial and tax law

  • General tax protection
  • Tax planning upon company establishment and beginning of operation;
  • Tax planning upon company mergers and bundling;
  • General tax registration;
  • VAT and Excise Duty registration;
  • Tax planning and income structuring of foreign citizens working in the country;
  • Corporate and personal taxation;
  • Indirect taxation;
  • Tax credit refund;
  • Planning and reduction of negative cash flows;
  • Representation before the tax authorities;
  • Administrative and legal appeals against unlawful acts, issued by tax administration bodies.

Administrative law

  • Procedures related to applications, appeals, etc., before various administrative bodies;
  • Lodging of appeals (through administrative channels and in legal form) against individual administrative acts or rejected issuance of such acts;
  • Lodging of appeals against penal decrees, issued under the Administrative Violations and Penalties Act, etc.

Procedure representation

  • Representation before legal and arbitration bodies;
  • Conducting court proceedings and procedure representation;
  • Legal assistance in acknowledgement and permission of implementation of adjudications of foreign courts on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

Intellectual property right

  • Trade mark registration at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Drafting of contracts granting exclusive or non-exclusive right for use of copyright or patented product;
  • Registration of patent, utility model, topology of integrated circuit
  • General licensing agreements;
  • Protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Protection of authors and patent owners;

Employment and social security law

  • Legal protection of employers, including court representation;
  • Legal protection of workers and employees, including court representation;
  • Drafting of collective and individual employment agreements;
  • Full attendance to the employer’s interests;
  • Consultancy on the legislative changes related to social security;
  • Optimization of negative cash flows related to social security contributions, etc.

Insurance law

  • Establishment and registration of insurance companies;
  • Protection of insurance companies interests: drawing up of general and special conditions, proposals, policies, tariffs, instructions and other documents on the administration of different kinds of insurances;
  • Preparation of specific insurance products, drafting of co-insurance and reinsurance contracts;
  • Implementation of recourse and direct liability to third parties.

Investment intermediaries. Bank law;

  • Legal servicing of banks and non-bank financial institutions;
  • Legal servicing of bank transactions (credit agreements, letters of credit, bank guarantees, factoring, discounting of bill effects, etc.);
  • Legal analyses and substantiation of credit and investment projects for credit agreements;
  • Drafting of agreements for credit collaterals.


  • Taking steps to avoid insolvency;
  • Legal protection while initiating insolvency procedure;
  • Drawing up of recovery programs;
  • Drawing up of agreements with creditors;
  • Legal assistance and procedure representation in the insolvency procedure


  • Assessments and legal analyses for the status of companies offered for privatization;
  • Documentary servicing of privatization transactions and representation before the respective institutions related to the privatization process;
  • Elaboration of reports on the legal due diligence of companies with a view to their acquisition;
  • Representation upon applying for concessionary rights on sites that are exclusively state and municipal property.

Foreign investments

  • Consultancy and servicing of foreign investments; offering advice on the legal possibilities for protection of investments and optimization of tax treatment;
  • Real estates
  • Preparation and implementation of real estate transactions;
  • Locating real estates in the country on the basis of previously set criteria;
  • Conducting negotiations and representation of the client;
  • Investigating the legal status of a specific real estate;
  • Tax and other relevant consultations with regard to the realty;
  • Applying for and obtaining bank credits for the purchase of real estates.

Court execution

Resolving of specific problems connected with the execution of adjudication and arbitration orders that have become effective.

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